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  • chronological period: 1316-1999
  • geographical area: France, Europe, South America

One might be surprised to find medieval documents in the collection of an institution founded in the XVIth century. In fact, these correspond to documents and property deeds on parchments concerning the Collège des Lombards, which were sent to the Irish community when it occupied the buildings in the rue des Carmes. In addition to the documents concerning the Collège des Lombards, the largest volume is formed by the College archives with those of the Irish College and buildings situated in and around the capital, which were owned by the Irish community, with a particularly extensive section on the Arcueil (Val-de-Marne) country house, as well as files on members of the college administration. The collection also has a section on the grant foundations that funded Irish students who came to study in Paris. The Irish College in Paris probably fulfilled the role of "Mother House" in relation to the other institutions based in France, which may explain why the collection has documents concerning institutions situated in Bordeaux, Douai, Nantes, Rouen and Poitiers. Furthermore, the merger that took place at the start of the XIXth century for the administration of the Irish, Scottish and English institutions provides us with some information on these institutions. Since the Irish College was mainly a place for instructing priests, the collection includes a number of documents on the Church and the religious community, with letters concerning ordinations and missions as well as official correspondence with senior members of the clergy. We also see in these Archives a collection of works, reviews, articles and press cuttings, brochures, prospectes and photographs. The presence of private Archives, particularly those of Antonio de Arauz y Bexaxano in Spanish, should be noted. It is worth noting the presence of objects (medals, keys, boxes, cloth bags with tokens, inkpots, frames, etc). In total, there are over 19,000 items in these Archives.

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