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Digitization project

A project has been launched to digitize the Irish College Historical Archives. The objectives are threefold: to facilitate access for researchers, to give a new visibility to the collection and to ensure the preservation of the more fragile items by limiting the amount of handling of the originals.

Thanks to the financial support of the Irish Governement and French National Library, 4300 individual documents have been digitized so far, which represents more than 24 000 images.

This selection represents 20% of the collection and was based on the following criteria:

The digitized archives are accessible to all, free of charge, on the online catalogue.

To search the digitized archives for a specific item, please use the advanced search form and tick “Illustrated reference”.
From a more general point of view, on the list of results, when you see an icon featuring a little image, it means that a digitized item is linked and viewable online. You just have to click.

Call number File Description Dates Illustration
A1.a1 Collège des Lombards : actes et titres de propriété
[Document original] Acte de vente sur parchemin de deux maisons rue Saint-Hilaire, vendues par Jean Jourdain, vicaire, et sa soeur Yolène, femme de Jean Misieu, à Michel Chosse, clerc, le jeudi après la saint Honoré 1316 (20 mai 1316), avec une copie sans date. 
A1.a2 Collège des Lombards : actes et titres de propriété
Copie d'un acte de vente datant du 11 juin 1329 concernant deux maisons de la rue Sainte-Geneviève, vendues par le doyen et le chapitre de Nevers à Jean Paté, évêque de Chartres, s.d. 
Please note that sometimes the selected files haven’t been entirely digitized (because some of the papers did not match the selection criteria, or because they were still under copyright).


To learn more about the coding system for the digitized images : click here

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